Our Newest Friends

Adoption Day @ TD’s Transmission Mar. 25

March 22, 2017

Come join us at this big Adoption Day event at TD’s Transmission. 4646 E. Hwy. 377, Sat., Mar. 25, 11-2!!!!!   We will be there, plus Hood County Animal Control, H.A.L.O., and Second Chance Farms.  Free hot dogs and chips for everyone!!!!!    Should be a fun, fun day!!!!!

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Bake Sale – Results!!!!

March 5, 2017

What a weekend we had!!!!   This was our best Bake Sale ever!!!♥   A great big thanks to everyone involved, the bakers, the workers, all the restaurants who donated, and all the contributors.  It was a fun, fun time.   Thank you everyone.  All our dogs will benefit from your generosity.

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